Announcing Secure: Entri's SSL for SaaS solution


Entri is excited to announce the launch of our new SSL for SaaS solution: Entri Secure. In addition to offering Entri Connect, the only API for DNS configuration, platforms who integrate with Entri can automatically provision and renew SSL certificates.

Any platform that allows users to publish web pages ultimately has to figure out how to provision SSL certificates for these pages. Without them, website visitors open themselves up to potentially malicious sites, and innocent platforms get caught in the crossfire.

The problem is, SSL provisioning is a complex, technical process that in today’s no-code development market, has no place in the end-user experience.

Entri Secure makes it easy to provision SSL certificates for your users’ websites behind the scenes, so that secure websites happen automatically.


  • Entri Secure costs on average 40% less than other SSL for SaaS solutions

  • Certificates are provisioned in three seconds or less

  • Renewals happen automatically

  • You can migrate existing certificates to Entri Secure, or use our API to provision them only for new domains

The case for automating SSL provisioning

In the age of what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) website builders, most people who are building websites are non-technical. They’re often stumped by things like DNS configuration and SSL certificates.

The solution to this problem typically leads to two options in the user experience (UX) design:

  1. Prompt the user to purchase an SSL certificate and provide support documentation to guide them

  2. Provision SSL certificates automatically behind the scenes

Option #2 is the ideal scenario, because it takes care of the process for the user, and ensure their website goes up without this unpleasant splash screen in front of it:

Entri Secure: Easy to deploy, cost-effective SSL for SaaS

Entri Secure took all of the headaches and complexities of building in-house SSL provisioning, and turned it into an SSL for SaaS solution that takes minutes to deploy, and saves companies thousands.

Entri Secure works in perfect tandem with Entri’s other products or on its own to provision SSL certificates for every domain that comes through. Certificates are provisioned on average in three seconds or less, and renewals happen automatically.

Automatic SSL provisioning for 40% less

Entri Secure is just one more way to create an end-to-end domains user experience that’s frictionless, as well as profitable. Domain-connected users have higher overall retention rates and lifetime value – improving usability in that UX can pay dividends.

Best of all, Entri Secure works seamlessly with our other products, so that your users can purchase, configure, and secure domains, all in one automatic flow.

To learn more about how Entri Secure can help your team save thousands and create a seamless user experience, book a call with a member of our team.