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How ClickFunnels used Entri’s domain selling solution to create instant revenue

ClickFunnels wanted to sell domains to their users, and they wanted to do it without sending them to a 3rd party platform. Learn how ClickFunnels fast-tracked in-app domain selling and created an instant revenue stream using Entri Sell.

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Folk put a great onboarding experience at the top of their priorities list for their big launch.

Learn how integrating with Entri helped them complete a crucial step for email deliverability, without inconveniencing their users.

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How Duda used Entri to decrease time-to-revenue for their agency customers

Platforms that service agencies and end users face a unique challenge: delivering an excellent user experience to SMBs with a varied range of technical expertise, and to valuable agency customers, who use the product to service their own clients.

Balancing the needs of both use cases at once can be difficult. Entrepreneurial end users are often less technical, and need more guidance through technical processes. Agencies have technical users and admins, but are still working with their clients to set up technical infrastructure.

This left Duda with a problem: how could they improve usability in their domain connection experience for end users and agencies?

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How Fourthwall strengthened their user experience and reduced DNS-related support tickets by 97% using Entri.

No-code platforms have opened the floodgates and diversified the pool of users for technology products. While this is undoubtedly a good thing, it also means that the unavoidably technical aspects of setting up a new website can pose a much larger obstacle in the user experience to full product adoption.

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How Crisp decreased DNS-related support tickets by 83% in a matter of minutes.

Companies do business in multiple places online, and so they need their tools to go where they go. For Crisp, that was the issue at hand: giving companies a way to centrally manage multi-channel customer support.

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