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Announcing Power: Entri's solution for custom domains infrastructure


Custom domains are a complex, but wildly sticky feature. For end users, it means full whitelabel-ability, and an experience that lends itself to higher conversion rates on their landing pages and emails.

But for development teams, custom domains come with a complex set of requirements and countless months of development work.

Entri Power is our solution to this problem.

Once enabled, SaaS applications have a feature that can be gated for premium and enterprise users, and a lever for retention that's proven to increase the lifespan and lifetime value of every user who activates it.

Here's how it works.

The magic behind Entri Power

Entri Power is an API for custom domains that works by harnessing the power of Entri's API and Reverse Proxy technology. Using Entri Power, you can seamlessly route a customer's domain to a specific part of your application with just a few API calls.

Product enmeshment, and the case for custom domains

Custom domains represent something of a blindspot in the product growth arena. It's always been like plumbing in a house – an unsexy yet essential piece of an application.

But it's not just applications that stand to gain from deploying custom domains in their next feature release.

End users of these products stand to make more sales and bring in more revenue thanks to a fully branded customer experience.

Custom domains have been shown to improve conversion rates by as much as 23%!

For applications that have a revenue-share model with their customers, this is huge - it means that you could be netting 23% more revenue through your customers' sales, just by deploying custom domains. Your users make more sales, and suddenly, your piece of that revenue starts to get bigger.

One less sprint for your roadmap, one more feature for your users

Entri Power takes the legwork out of developing custom domain infrastructure from scratch, making it possible to deploy the feature in just a few hours.

To learn more about how Entri Power can help you drive revenue and user retention with custom domains, book a call with a member of our team.