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Step 1

Point your custom domain record to Entri and have your users update their CNAME record.

Step 2

Make a post request to Entri’s API including your customer's desired domain and the URL of where the application is currently hosted

Step 3

That’s it! You’re now supporting custom domains. We'll handle all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

Without EntriWith Entri

Why add support for custom domains?

Users care about a fully customizable product experience. That's where custom domains come in. Domain connected users become fully integrated with your product, resulting in better retention, and a better customer experience for their end users.

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“DNS configuration used to be a necessary evil for our users to launch their store. After adding Entri to our application, we saw an uptick in launched stores and a 70% decrease in support tickets.”

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Will Baumann

CEO of Fourthwall


Decrease in DNS related support tickets.