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How it works

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Launch the Entri modal

Your user enters the domain they would like to set up. Alternatively, you can pass the domain directly to Entri via our JS SDK.


Entri automatically detects the DNS Provider

Don't make your users play a guessing game. After the DNS provider is detected, the user logs in with their credentials.


The required DNS records are automagically applied

That’s it! There’s no need for copying and pasting complex records or reading cumbersome documentation.

With EntriWithout Entri
With Entri
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Developer friendly setup

Just pass your desired DNS settings to the Entri modal window using a configuration object. Entri applies the settings for your end user.

Get your API key

One integration. Countless DNS providers.

We cover 75% of the market and counting.

Entri Boxes

DNS: The silent killer of your team’s bandwidth.

Companies experience needlessly high churn and support tickets due to the complexities of correctly setting up DNS records. Entri enables your users to configure the required DNS records in just seconds.

Integrate Entri

Powerful features

Stunning user experience

Entri provides a seamless user experience that guides users through the process of logging in with their DNS provider. You can customize the modal to match the look and feel of your brand.

Data rich webhooks

Easy login forwarding

Instant WWW redirects

And much more.

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The Entri Experience

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“DNS configuration used to be a necessary evil for our users to launch their store. After adding Entri to our application, we saw an uptick in launched stores and a 70% decrease in support tickets.”


Will Baumann

CEO of Fourthwall

500%Decrease in DNS related support tickets.