🚨 Meet Google and Yahoo's new bulk email DNS requirements - Learn more

Fulfill Gmail’s new DNS requirements for your users automagically

Automatically set up DNS records for your users’ email sending domains with Entri Connect.

Your users will be required to set up email DNS records (if they don’t want their emails going to spam)

Entri Connect can do it for them

Google, Yahoo, and all other major email providers will require bulk email senders to set up DNS records for their email sending domains by February 2024. What was once an email deliverability best practice will soon be a requirement. 

Entri Connect solves for the friction in this complex process by setting up the complex DNS records required for email verification in just a few clicks.

Improve usability
in DNS configuration

Automatically configure DNS records across over 40 covered providers

Allow users to authenticate with their favorite ESPs

Configure DKIM for 3rd party email

service providers automatically

Support for DKIM, SPF, DMARC,

and more

Automatically set up even the most complex email DNS records

Don’t let your users get caught in the crossfire of this major update

DNS configuration creates a highly technical support burden, and we’re predicting a tsunami of support tickets following this major update in February.

Don’t let your users’ email sending domains get blacklisted – automatically configure DNS records for new and existing users of your email tool, with Entri Connect.