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Entri Gets SOC 2 Certified 🔥

SOC 2 certification

Queue the drumroll – Entri has officially achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance, in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

What this means is that Entri has passed through a rigorous audit by an independent compliance firm to ensure that we're taking the security of our customers' data seriously. Prescient Assurance made sure that Entri was checking all of the boxes to pass our SOC 2 inspection.

What's required for SOC 2 certification?

In order to meet the standards for SOC 2, service providers like Entri have to check the following boxes:

  • Privacy standards. SOC 2 standards require access control to prevent access to systems with sensitive data by unauthorized users (both physical and digital), two-factor authentication, and encryption to secure data sources.

  • Security. To be considered for SOC 2 certification, applications must employ the use of network and application firewalls, and intrusion detection software.

  • Availability. Service providers like Entri must also have a security incident response procedure, disaster recovery protocols, and performance monitoring to ensure that their systems and services remain accessible for their customers in the face of a security threat.

  • Processing integrity. SOC 2 also measures whether an organization is handling its data effectively. The requirements are that the organization monitor its data processing regularly, and have quality assurance in place to maintain the security and quality of its data.

  • Confidentiality. SOC 2 requirements stipulate that organizations must protect confidential data appropriately, with such measures as firewalls and encryption.

Entri's SOC 2 certification serves as third-party industry validation that Entri provides enterprise-level security for our customers' data as we help configure DNS records for our users.

Go us 🥳

How Entri works

New to Entri? Well then let's break down how our product works.

Basically, the average user has to set up their DNS, DKIM, or SPF records when they're setting up a new website or email account, right? They bring their own domain to a platform, they get SUPER excited about branding their website and building something great, and then they're faced with this uber-technical, severely outdated process:

DNS configuration.

And for most users, this is where things fall apart for them in the user experience. We've spoken to countless product owners and customer success teams, and time and time again, we hear that DNS configuration almost always results in a lengthy chat with support, lots of back and forth, and a link to a knowledgebase article or two.

It's a rough part of the user experience, and it was long overdue for an overhaul.

This is where Entri comes in. Entri integrates on the back end with platforms to automate record configuration for users. Using our highly customizable UI, users of platforms like ClickFunnels, Crisp, and Fourthwall are able to configure their DNS records in just one click!

Our customers configure Entri to do all sorts of things, from requiring their users to use subdomains, and even skipping parts of the Entri flow that overlap with their own native UI.

A better UX for all

Ready to see how Entri works for yourself? Book a demo with a member of our sales team today, and we'll show you what the end user experience looks like, and walk you through the numerous configuration options your team can use to customize Entri within your product.

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