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Entri Maya release: this is HUGE

Blog - Maya Update

It was too much to put in a title – Entri's latest release, “Maya”, is full of feature-rich updates that dramatically expand the functionality of our custom domains API. Here's what's in store with this latest version.

Entri updates for December, 2023:

  • Offer free domains to your paid users via Entri Sell

  • Generate shareable Entri setup URLs via API 

  • Secure domains on redirects

Offer free* domains to your users with Entri Sell

Entri Sell allows applications to sell domains to their users in-app, without the typical complexities associated with becoming a registrar or participating in a reseller program. Now, Entri Sell has the ability to offer free domains to your users. The only requirement is that free domains must be offered to paid users (not trial or free users). Setup takes just a few days, and the majority of TLDs are covered by this offer.

Learn more about configuring this feature

* Terms and conditions apply. Contact your account manager for more information. 

Generate Entri setup links via API, minimizing burden to your product roadmap

Roadmaps are crowded, and engineering teams already have a tall list of priorities. Meanwhile, DNS-related support tickets are still pouring in, and custom domains remains an unpleasant obstacle in the user experience.

Now, if you don’t want to embed the Entri Modal inside of your product’s UI, you can generate a sharable link via API that your support team can leverage.

Here's how it works:

  1. Your Entri product is configured based on the DNS records you want to configure for your users' domains

  2. A custom API link is generated for your application(s), which you can send to your users via onboarding email, in a knowledge base article, or even via chatbot.

  3. The link will open your custom Entri modal in a new tab for the user, and allow them to buy, connect, and secure their custom domains in your application.

The ideal use case

So where does this feature fit in?

It fits into crowded roadmaps, but also into orgs where support teams need a solution fast. It's also the perfect fit for API-based products, and a low-fidelity way to get Entri in front of users, without touching your product's code.

Use the Entri API generated sharing links to launch the Entri modal outside of your core product dashboard. You can send the link as an automatic response in support bot chat queries related to DNS configuration, in support docs, or even in customer onboarding emails.

Learn more about Entri API links

Automatically secure traffic on redirected domains

Entri Secure automatically provisions SSL certificates for your users' domains, at 40% less than the cost of our competitors. 

Now, Entri Secure can also provision SSL certificates for both a root domain and a CNAME, automatically. 

This means, regardless if a user types in https://www.example.com or https://example.com or http://example.com, the user will be directed to your customer’s site through an encrypted connection.