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Entri Trixie release dns api

Entri’s custom domains API suite is more flexible than ever. Configure Entri for dynamic logic, DMARC conflicts, and stronger branding with Entri "Trixie", now live.

Entri API Updates for March, 2024

  • Conditional DNS records object

  • validateDMARC

  • Enhanced whitelabeling functionality

Conditional DNS records object

Sometimes Entri customers want their users to be able to configure DNS for both domains and subdomains in the same flow. This typically comes up when users are connecting multiple domains to the same account.

With Entri’s new conditional DNS records object, Entri customers will be able to provide better support for different DNS records, including domains and subdomains, without forcing end users to go through the Entri flow more than once. Now a user can complete one Entri flow to send multiple DNS records, and engineering teams don’t have to build any logic on their side to support this use case.

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It’s not unusual for our customers to work with a mixed bag of users: 

  • Those who have already set up DMARC for their email domain

  • Those who have set up other DNS records, but not DMARC

  • Those who haven’t set up any DNS records at all 

These differences create a challenge. 

How can platforms use Entri Connect to ensure email domain security compliance and verification, without accidentally overwriting correctly configured DMARC records? Since there can only be a single DMARC policy for each domain, inappropriately overwriting it could cause difficulties for email users.

ValidateDMARC solves this problem. It checks to see if a domain has a valid, correct DMARC policy. If the DMARC policy is valid, those records are not overwritten, while any other missing record, such as SPF, CNAME, etc. are added. 

If the DMARC record is missing or incorrect, then the Entri Connect flow will run to add a correct DMARC record. Note that this feature is defaulted to OFF, so you’ll need to turn it on to enable.

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Enhanced whitelabeling support

Brand identity goes beyond logos and colors, so we’ve expanded our whitelabeling functionality for enterprise customers, allowing customization of almost every aspect of the Entri modal. We now support customized:

  • Modal dimensions

  • Font

  • Animation, supporting new colors or a custom file

  • Text on the login screen

  • Icons, including your own icon pack

  • Two-factor authentication

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