Porkbun added to Entri supported DNS providers


Break out the confetti – it’s time to welcome another DNS provider to Entri’s supported network!

Now, Porkbun domain owners will be able to automatically configure their DNS records for Entri supported platforms (like ClickFunnels, Webflow, and more) to connect their domain to their favorite SaaS product.

Porkbun is an amazingly awesome ICANN accredited domain name registrar based out of the Pacific Northwest. They pride themselves on their signature human-to-human experience – a breath of fresh air in an industry rife with notoriously rocky support experiences.

What does this mean for Porkbun domain owners?

If Porkbun manages the DNS records for a user’s domain, then they’re now able to automatically connect their domains to platforms that have integrated with Entri.

Will Entri become the user’s new DNS provider?

No. When Entri is used to configure a user’s DNS records in your application, their DNS records remain with their original provider – we just help the user set them up.

Who do I contact for support?

Your DNS provider/registrar will remain the point of contact for support issues directly related to a user’s domain.

Interested in becoming an Entri supported DNS provider? Learn more 👉