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Fourthwall Case Study

How Fourthwall strengthened their user experience and reduced DNS-related support tickets by 97% using Entri.

No-code platforms have opened the floodgates and diversified the pool of users for technology products. While this is undoubtedly a good thing, it also means that the unavoidably technical aspects of setting up a new website can pose a much larger obstacle in the user experience to full product adoption.

So how do we simplify the essential and most critical piece of website and email configuration, DNS setup? With Entri: a user experience solution was built especially for that. 

Here’s how one company used Entri to streamline DNS configuration for their non-technical users, and create a scalable solution to their DNS-related support ticket problem.

The Problem

Fourthwall is an all-in-one website builder for creators. They make it easy for creators to set up a homepage, open a shop for fans to buy products, offer memberships, engage supporters, and more. It's designed to be 100% branded to the creator, which means that the creators bring their own domains.

But like any creator platform, Fourthwall had a bit of a snag in its user experience: many users were still struggling to connect their DNS records to their new site. Fourthwall is a user-first platform, but there seemed to be no getting around the friction that DNS configuration was creating for their users.

The problem was so pronounced in fact, that the company even hired a couple of contractors on a part-time basis to field many of those DNS support requests. While it technically solved their problem of having too many DNS-related support tickets, ultimately the CEO of Fourthwall, Will Baumann, wasn’t happy with this solution – it didn’t solve the underlying problem.

“The bottom line was, DNS setup was still creating friction in our product. We had a workaround solution, but it wasn’t fast, smooth, or scalable.”

The Solution

Before they implemented Entri, nearly half of Fourthwall’s support tickets were related to DNS configuration. Each ticket took anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour of back and forth with the customer to resolve. It was an excellent support time, but ultimately, still a pretty unpleasant experience for the end user.

“When I saw the email from the sales team at Entri, I just knew it instantly. I didn’t even have to think about it really. This was the solution.”

Fourthwall began to partner with Entri to improve their DNS experience for their users. Pretty soon, Fourthwall had Entri fully integrated with their user experience, and now, their support team is raving about it.

A good customer experience doesn’t create a lot of organizational noise. When your customers are engaged with your product and you don’t hear a ton of feedback, it means you’re doing something right.

And that’s what happened at Fourthwall: DNS-related support tickets fell dramatically, by as much as 97%, and while the users were quiet about it, the support team was ecstatic. 

Manual DNS configuration is no longer a necessary evil

Will Baumann is a product evangelist, someone who believes in delivering incredible experiences for his customers. He genuinely cares about the user enjoying his product. That innate and constant pursuit of better, of a frictionless experience for his users, was what drove him to adopt and implement Entri.

Ultimately, the best platforms and products have the same achilles heel. DNS setup is an unavoidable and essential part of user onboarding, and yet it creates more support tickets and more friction than virtually any other part of the process.

And it’s always been like that – exceptional products have always had to drag their users through this inescapable part of user onboarding.

But with Entri, platforms like Fourthwall are able to remove this obstacle to user activation, getting users past the DNS setup threshold and into the shining product experience that gets product innovators out of bed in the morning.

If you’re ready to see how Entri can easily improve your product’s user experience, schedule a demo with a member of our team now.