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Duda Case Study

How Duda used Entri to decrease time-to-revenue for their agency customers

The problem

Duda is a website building platform that stands out for its great user experience and robust solution set. End users come to them to build professional-looking websites without code, and agencies come to them for a platform that’s fully whitelabellable, and inclusive of their business needs.

But like any website builder, Duda requires its end users to set up DNS records in order to connect a custom domain to a site. This process is archaic and technical, and the truth is that most of Duda’s users are not readily familiar with it – except for agencies.

For Duda’s agency user however, there’s a different problem associated with DNS configuration: agency clients typically own access to the DNS providers for their domain, and do not typically know who the provider is.

This process complicated activation for Duda’s agency users, and slowed down their time-to-publication. Agencies couldn’t publish client sites without this information, and getting it was a cumbersome, frustrating process.

“We want to give the best user experience that we can, and we know DNS is an issue that leads to support tickets.”

– Liron Hilb Horev, Product Leader at Duda

The solution

Duda was proactively looking into ways to improve their user experience overall, but for their agency customers especially. These are high-value accounts, and Duda wanted to ensure they were activating and publishing quickly. Part of Duda’s revenue is tied to website publication, and these payments can only be collected when a website gets published.

“Agencies pay us per published site, so if they don’t publish, or if they publish a day later, it makes a difference. We want them to publish as fast as they can. If they have a domain and they want to publish it with their domain, we want them to do it as quickly as possible.”

Duda integrated with Entri Connect, the only API for DNS configuration, to solve this problem. Entri is now automatically configuring DNS records for Duda’s users, resulting in a sleek user experience that takes care of domain configuration in a few clicks, and helps agencies publish their Duda sites faster.

The user never has to leave the Duda UI to connect a domain, and Entri’s modal even informs the user (whether it’s an agency admin or an end-user) who the DNS provider is for a domain.

“Entri is a great solution. It was easy to implement, and their team is very communicative and responds very quickly."

Duda’s agency customers make great use of one of Entri Connect’s most compelling features, login forwarding. This feature allows agencies to send their customers a link directly to the Entri modal, where the customer can then input their DNS provider credentials directly to complete the flow.

Now, Duda’s agency customers are able to publish a site in minutes, in a continuous secure flow. There’s no emailing usernames and passwords, no waiting around on clients to grant DNS provider access, and every end user gets instant, easy DNS configuration.

“It's difficult for agencies to handle the DNS configuration, and the experience is better with Entri.”

Reduce time-to-revenue for your most valuable customers

Sites don’t go live without proper DNS configuration, but the process is technical and cumbersome, even for the most seasoned website builders. The process involves getting access to DNS provider dashboards, and then inputting the proper records correctly. When your customers don’t own the domains directly, as in the case of an agency, this process can make your time-to-revenue unnecessarily long.

Entri Connect automatically configures the DNS records for 35 providers, and that number grows every day. Today, companies like Duda are using Entri to improve usability, because they’ve seen what great platform builders have known for a long time: it quite literally pays to invest in a great user experience.

“I think that in the end, it was the collaboration with the team at Entri that made this perfect. We always get a response on every question in no time. I think it's really important when you depend on a third-party provider to service your customers. 

It was an easy implementation, and today we have a Slack channel with Entri Support, and they are all very communicative. This is really important to us when we have a customer that's waiting for an answer, and I know that when someone from our support team has a question for Entri, they can get an answer quickly.”