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The only DNS API, made just for your users

Entri makes it easy for users to connect domains to CRMs, without ever leaving your application. Drive instant product adoption and reduce support tickets with the only DNS API on the market.
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Accelerate activation with seamless domain connection

Many end users struggle with connecting domains to CRMs. Get them into your active users pool faster by reducing friction in DNS configuration. Entri Connect automatically configures all email-related DNS records, and even supports third-party DKIM for Gmail, Zoho, and Outlook.

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Reduce support tickets, accelerate activation

DNS-related inquiries make up an astounding number of support tickets for CRMs. With Entri, you can get your users into the active users pool faster, and reduce the burden of this technical problem on your support team.

Backed by powerful partnerships

Entri has direct partnerships with trusted names like Ionos, Porkbun, and Let’s Encrypt which allow us to provide a comprehensive suite of domain solutions to website builders and more.

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Entri has been proven to reduce barriers to product adoption, and cut down support tickets by astronomical amounts. But don’t take our word for it – read what our customers have to say about Entri.

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