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Folk case study

Folk put a great onboarding experience at the top of their priorities list for their big launch.

The problem

Folk is bridging the gaps in relationship data left by other CRMs, and tackling the age-old problem of syncing communications data from multiple sources, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Contacts, and more.

More than just their robust data unification, folk creates a central hub for all of the types of relationships that teams have to manage, from investors to recruiting, and of course, sales. They’ve built a beautiful tool around data centralization and usability, and have quickly captured a large following of very happy users.

But like any CRM, there was one essential piece of user activation that always seemed to cause problems: connecting email-sending domains.

Like most CRMs, folk requires their users to set up email-related DNS records for their email sending domains. This is not only essential for configuration of their product, but is also an email deliverability best practice - and one that will be mandatory by Google and other providers starting in February, 2024.

“I think onboarding is the name of the game. It's the hardest part when it comes to having a product that will activate, that will be enjoyed.”

– Simo Lemhandez, Co-founder, folk

DNS configuration was getting in the way of user activation for folk, so they began searching for a solution. They had a launch planned, and wanted to solve for this point of friction ahead of that deadline.

The solution

Folk found Entri during their search, and quickly decided to move forward with the integration ahead of their big launch on Product Hunt. Luckily for folk, integration was a snap, and didn’t cause any disruptions to their product roadmap.

“The way we thought about Entri is simply that we are constantly challenging our own conception about our product roadmap in order to prioritize for the highest impact – and we knew that there was a high potential impact by implementing Entri.” 

Folk integrated with Entri Connect ahead of their big debut on Product Hunt, solving for the complexities with the DNS configuration process, virtually eliminating their DNS-related support tickets caseload, and unifying their user onboarding with a seamlessly beautiful UI that took care of the heavy-lifting for their users.

“Entri was quite straightforward to implement. There were no problems, and it took us very little time to integrate.”

Improve user activation, without crowding your product roadmap

Entri was built by developers who know that nothing inhibits innovation like a rigid roadmap and a slow integration process. That’s why Entri was designed to get the job done with minimal dev resources – integration really is as simple as copy, paste, and QA.

Entri Connect solves a major hurdle standing between SaaS applications and the kind of user activation that yields real product performance. Domain-connected users not only have a better white-labeling experience, but also have better retention, and higher overall lifetime value (LTV).

Folk saw Entri as a no-brainer integration. Entri Connect’s DNS API took away a significant bottleneck, and set a new standard for what usability really looks like in a CRM solution.

“I like what Scott Belsky from Adobe calls the First Mile experience.”

“It's the first few steps, the first few moments, the first few elements that you're confronted with as a user that will have a massive impact on the end value you'll get from that product. Nailing the First Mile Experience matters a lot for a business, both in terms of growth and revenue.” 

“Setting up DNS is a painful experience, and is now perceived as being a thing of the past."

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